Derriford Combined Laboratory offers an immunology diagnostic service to South & West Devon and Cornwall. The repertoire offered includes immunochemistry, autoantibodies, cellular immunology and allergy tests. The majority of the tests are performed in-house, but a number are sent to specialist reference centres. A clinical immunology service is also provided for patients with primary immune deficiencies and allergies.

External Internal
Dr Claire Bethune Consultant Immunologist 431002 31002
Dr Andrew Whyte Consultant Immunologist 431002 31002
Dr Lucy Leeman Consultant Immunologist 430147 30147
James Walton Clinical Scientist 430247 30247
Tara Knill  Section Lead 430995 30995

Opening hours for the laboratory are Monday to Friday 9am-5.30pm

Immunology Test List

A full list of immunology tests and clinical advice can be found here.

For further clinical information please see the Eden Unit website at

Reviewed September 2019
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