Welcome to our new website which we have developed to improve user access to information about the service. Through the site we aim to keep you up to date with our current repertoire of tests and any changes in methodology which may affect either clinical interpretation or sample requirements. The Test List ‘Web App’ (which can be added to your home screen on mobile phones), provides a searchable database of all of our tests, including current sample requirements.

We will also keep you notified of significant changes to the service via the Pathology Newsletter, the latest version of which can be found here.

The website is still in development and I would welcome any feedback, including suggestions for improvement.

Wayne Thomas
Service Line Director for Pathology

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Cellular and Anatomical Pathology
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Pathology Newsletter

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Dr Wayne Thomas - Service Line Director for Pathology

Simeon Green - Director of Pathology Services

Tim Mclean - Deputy Pathology Manager